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Domain I: Research and Inquiry
REMS 6003: Analyses of Variance
REMS 5963: Nonparametric Analyses
REMS 6013: Multiple Regression
REMS 6373: Program Evaluation
REMS 6320: Structural Equation Modeling
REMS 6663: Multivariate
REMS 6033: Factor Analyses in Behavior
REMS 6023: Psychometric Theory
REMS 6850: Bayesian: Directed Reading
SCFD 6113: Foundations of Inquiry

Domain II: Human Development
EPSY 6533: Human Motivation
EPSY 5603: Developmental Issues in Instruction
EPSY 5103: Human Development
EPSY 5720: Colloquium
CPSY 6850: Preparing Future Faculty

Domain III: Teaching and Learning
EPSY 5463: Psychology of Learning
EPSY 6443:Theories & Problems
EPSY 5473: Psychology of Adult Learners
EPSY 5963: Developing Resources for Education

Domain IV: Aviation & Space Education Cognate
AVED 5453: Advanced Aviation Security
AVED 5563: Aero Leadership Management
AVED 6413: Dev Air and Space Flight
AVED 5593: Influencing Public Policy
AVED 5823: Space Science